Grievance letter template

Monday, March 19th, 2012

There is no such thing as a grievance letter template.  If an employee has a complaint and wishes to invoke formal grievance proceedings with their employer, they should say so in a letter.  The employee should consult any grievance procedure that the employer has (which may be found in one of the following:  company handbook, human resources, intranet or contract of employment) and take the steps as detailed in that document.  The employee should provide full details of the problems they want to raise under the grievance procedure in this letter.

An employer should always treat a letter which appears to raise issue of complaint from an employee as a grievance, even if it does not contain that word expressly.  Upon receiving such a letter of complaint, the employer should write to the employee, inviting them to a grievance meeting at a specified time, date and location and inform them of their right to be accompanied by a colleague or Trade Union representative.